grouse, caribou, lynx and snowshoe hare
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Quick, name four boreal forest animals who have ‘extra large’ feet, especially in winter.
They stay on top of the snow and don’t sink in much compared to other large wildlife.

People borrow this bigfoot idea and don snowshoes for a winter walk. 
Sundogs offers our mushing guests the use of snowshoes before or after any excursion for a nominal charge.

We’ve even prepared a self-interpreted snowshoe route around the lake by our cabin for you to walk, take in that crisp, healthy air and learn more about the nature of winter.

Guided Snowshoe Wanders           - about one hour 
We call these short hikes ‘wanders’ because with snowshoes the winter wilderness opens up when you’re not as likely to sink deep in the snow.
Sundogs expert interpreter-naturalists offer guided snowshoe winter ecology walks where the wonders of winter are revealed as you wander.
We also watch for wildlife         and their tracks and signs.
Snowshoes and poles provided.
$95/hour - one to six people
 $10/person additional